U.S. Small Business Conference will be scheduled for 2013 shortly, we are currently developing NEW programs to introduce next year.  Please bookmark this page and visit us again!

The U.S. Small Business Conference & EXPO is an event that travels throughout the nation bringing resources, revenue, training & development, strategic partnerships, and we quote, “Life Changing Experiences.” It is our mission to create an atmosphere of collaboration and support for each participant who attends or showcases their business.  Our conference happens only ONCE in the preferred cities.

We’ll bring together expert speakers and trainers to address a variety of topics.  Each conference has it’s own theme; for example in 2009 it was “Marketing, Publicity & New Media” and 2010 was “Business Communications – Strategy, Structure & Style”.  The 2011 U.S. Small Business Conference & EXPO focused on “Productivity to Profits” and now our bi-annual conference theme in May will be “2012 Success Plans.”

As we tour throughout the United States, many of the years previous attendees travel with us to establish new contacts, gain new business and expand their professional network of alliance partners.  Each person who attends not only continues their education and business development but some land nationwide contracts or has doubled, even tripled their annual revenues.

Please join us in our efforts to bring together America’s small business and other companies.  Let’s  improve our nation’s economics and rally together in the fight to eliminate our country’s recession!